Health Monitoring and Rewards with ai

Redefining wellness through tech, gamification, and blockchain rewards for better posture and movement.

Improve Health
Avoid back pain
Gamified challenges
Real-life Rewards
Daily Progress

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Holistic Health app

The ultimate fusion of tech, gamification, and blockchain, empowering users towards optimal health and wellness.

Posture monitoring

Track your progress over time and make adjustments for better posture habits.

Movement Monitoring

Connect with popular health tracking apps to monitor your daily movement.

Challenges and rewards

Compete in personal challenges to achieve goals and earn rewards.

Fatigue Detection

Stay informed about your energy levels and avoid fatigue with advanced detection.

Products Marketplace

Purchase real-life products directly within the app for for gained rewards

Emotional health monitoring

Gain insights into how daily activities impact your emotional health.

How it works?

Features for real-life impact

movement balance

Balance Tracker keeps you in sync with the balance of movement and rest. Gain insights into your daily activity levels to optimize your well-being effortlessly.

Challenges & Rewards

Earn rewards and incentives for hitting milestones and completing challenges, turning healthy habits into a rewarding adventure.

Spend in marketplace

From ergonomic furniture to fitness equipment, find everything you need to create a workspace and lifestyle that promotes better posture and overall wellness.


Daily habits compound into big problems over time.
We’re here to prevent them!

Bad posture

After years of sitting with a bad posture
Limited physical activity
Emotional discomfort
Physiotherapy visits
from $50/h
Surgery expenses
from $50 000
Takes time


Maintains healthy sitting habits
Unlimited physical activity
Looks more confident
Longer lifespan
Get benefits
Pain free



Till 2024

Scientific research
Scientific publications released
AI model training and testing
Posture monitoring  (Win/Mac)

Phase I

Mobile support
Token / Staking SC
Activity data aggregation
Health analytics
Up Next

Phase II

Tiredness monitoring
Marketplace (to spend tokens)
IEO / IDO liquidity
Multichain support
Listing in Tier 1 CEX
50k community members
Up next

Phase III

Productivity monitoring
Emotional health monitoring
Health recommendations
Listing in +2 Tier 1 CEX
150k community members

Our team

Džiugas Gudiškis
Kaunas University of Technology
Tomas K.
Marketing Guru
Serial entrepreneur and founder
PHD, Rytis Maskeliūnas
Research Gate
Marius Zaveckas
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
+5 Blockchain devs & Marketing team members

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