Healthy features

The application positively impacts your health!
Hunching notifications

Get notifications when hunching & develop healthy sitting habits.

Take-a-break reminder

Increase your health and productivity by working in intervals

Posture statistics

Review your sitting habits with a personal dashboard

Rewards and benefits

Be rewarded for using the app and improving your health

Privacy-centric posture correction

Our AI posture detection algorithm processes the information locally on your computer. The application does not store or record any visuals and can work without an internet connection.

Offline image processing
No tracking or recording
No RGB image processing

Story behind

seamless solution to avoid back-related problems

Physical gadgets

Balance balls, back braces, massages...
Requires knowledge
Requires effort
Requires space
Costs money
Takes time


Posture software
Runs in the background
Improves productivity
Works seamlessly
Provides benefits

Benefits for NFT owners

Get additional benefits on the way to your healthy lifestyle

Own Sityea NFT

Each NFT is a unique artwork and a digital representation of yourself. Owning an NFT will enable you to collect and spend points on blockchain - transparently and secure.


Earn Tokens for sitting

Each hour spent working alongside the app will grant you sitting points, allowing SitYEA to reward you while helping you improve your health!


Spend on benefits

Choose from 1000s of fabulous branded goods and services in our marketplace from high-tech shoes to iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, Apple Watches and more!

Learn more about

How it works

Good health is not the only thing that you're getting, get additional benefits as well

Turn sitting hours into goodies

Good health is not the only thing that you’re getting.
Netflix gift cards
Get one of 1 000 gift cards available
Macbook pro
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Join the community

Access to beta
Get latest news
Monthly NFT drops
Discount on NFTs mint

We have you covered

1. What positive health impact will I feel?

Maintaining a correct posture while working can have several positive effects on your body and overall well-being. You may experience improved breathing and circulation, reduced strain on your muscles and joints, and increased energy levels. Additionally, you may also notice improved focus, concentration, and productivity. Overall, working with a correct posture can help you feel more comfortable, alert, and productive throughout the day.

2. How does SitYEA work?

SitYEA, with the help of a webcam analyzes your shape in 3D space and notifies when you're hunching.

3. What hardware do I need?

To use SitYEA you need a desktop computer or laptop and a webcam.

4. Why SitYEA requires a camera?

SitYEA utilizes your computer camera to detect your body posture and issue warnings in case of slouching, but it does not capture or keep any visual data. All image processing is being done on your local machine and does not require an internet connection to work.